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Conner vs Poirier 3 ???

I'm hoping & picking Poirier to win the fight . Conner is back to his tasteless actions and talk ... Regardless if it is just a front to...


Anybody have any advice , opinions or experience recently ? I have not had any experience recently as I'm very satisfied with the OTT &...

Chandler or Olivera ?

I think the UFC main event has the potential to be a barn blaster . Both fighters coming off of impressive wins . I give the edge to...

Boxing exhibition on Saturday !

YouTuber vs MMA fighter in boxing match this Saturday . Ben Askren is a MMA fighter who won championships in a couple orgs , but never...

UFC fights on ESPN+

Anybody know which ESPN+ channel the fights are on ? Prelims start at 12:30 , mains @ 3 .

Bare Knuckle fights

Anybody watch the fights tonight ? Some tough people 😮 . Couple unusual endings . Any opinions ?

3 MMA Title fights this weekend

Anybody have any predictions or preferences in the title fights this weekend ? I would like for the 205 lb Champ Blachowicz to destroy...

Anybody seen any BigFoot lately ?

😂🤣😂 I don't preclude the possibility of them existing . Too many cave pictures etc all over the world back when communication was not...

Nascar Daytona 500

Does any of the 919 members here watch Nascar ? I used to be an avid fan , but lost interest with the change of Championships being...

New App ?

Hello Everybody , I have not been watching much TV at all thus not used the new App John has now . What does everybody think about it ???

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