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Nascar Daytona 500

Does any of the 919 members here watch Nascar ? I used to be an avid fan , but lost interest with the change of Championships being awarded ( play off ) & Nascar taking away people's ability to fly certain flags . I don't think that flag means what some take it for , but even if it does ... The freedom I was taught as a kid should give those who want to display any flag , the right to do so . I just read where they are going to do a Dale Sr tribute on lap 3 today being it is the 20 year mark of his death there . as . like .

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I did not recognize any names ... Usually those wind up to be the better fights

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Membre inconnu
15 févr. 2021

Rally racing in insane . Outlaw winged sprint cars are wild as they flip if they let off the throttle too much in the corners . I prefer road racing , but enjoy most types of racing . I did some motorcycle racing of all sorts ... I've never been so thrilled , yet scared at the same time as when I roadraced motorcycles . I watched the Nascar race until the red flag . Just seen they have not went back to racing . I'll try to catch the end of the race , but unless you have driver or drivers you prefer to win & driver or drivers you loath to win ... It isn't that interesting 🙂


14 févr. 2021

I prefer indy 500. And rally racing.

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