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Does anybody accept we might not be the only civilized planet ?

I think it is naive to think we are the only civilized planet and that we are the most advanced . I wonder where we will be technology wise in 100 years ... If another civilization is 100 years ahead of us , that might explain much we don't understand 🤔

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Unknown member
Feb 21, 2021

I seen that , but have not read the complete report yet . I've seen several reports ... Several finding modern day technology that has only been in our world for around 100 years but dating back ( pick a huge # ) long long ago . I do not discredit it at all , it could be something from another planet- civilization or a civilization here that had that technology back then . I try to look at things scientifically , logically & with no parameters . Sometimes , the more we know , the more we realize we don't know ...


Feb 21, 2021

They just found a old civilization in Antarctica. Pre dating any other on earth it has been under the ice for 4 million years. How about that.

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