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Is on events 8 channel 👍

Bare Knuckles Fights

I caught the end of the Eagle FC 44 fights tonight . Had some big names from the past and had good fights 👍 I'm looking forward to the...

Interesting MMA event on Saturday

The heavy weight fight is getting most of the attention which it deserves , but the co main fight is the most interesting to me . Those...

Woodley KO

Anybody see the KO ? I don't remember watching a more intense KO . As long as Woodley took to come thru , it was a bit scarey .

MMA on tonight & tomorrow

Bellator in tonight & UFC tomorrow . I recently caught a Glory Kickboxing event and it was impressive 👍 . The HW Champ is awesome !

Meisha Tate fights tonight 👍

She is back and planning a championship run . I hope she does well ... I would love to see her get a rematch with Rhonda 1 day 😁

UFC 268

I think this event has the biggest fights of any event in a very long time . 3 tremendous fights , 2 that are rematches of awesome fights...

MMA Vegas 38 tonight !!!

Main & co-main fights are very interesting . Santos vs Walker in main & Kevin Holland vs ( forgot name 🤪 ) in co-main .

MMA tonight

UFC 266 on tonight with the return of Nick Diaz ... Few people like him ... Most hate the Diaz brothers or love them 🤣😂🤣 . 2...

Advice requested please

Hi , I've used and tried many apps to help me identify planets and stars . Anybody recommend a good basic app ??? Thanks in advance 👍

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